Thank you for your interest in my work. I’m passionate about speaking and facilitating discussion with groups of all sizes, in venues large and small. Look below for a few of the topics I speak to and how you can reach me for details

  • Determined to Thrive: Discovering Joy and Health Through Intention, Meditation and Prayer
  • Strategic Faith: A Case for the Connection Between Science and Spirituality
  • Room at the Table: A Talk About Self Care, Spirituality and the Importance of Taking Up Space 
  • A Reasonable Way: Connecting the Dots Between the Teachings of Christ and Research on Joy, Contentment and Health
  • A Call to Compassion: How Kindness and Generosity Heal Body and Soul 
  • Leave Room for Listening: Hearing God’s Call in a Chaotic World
  • Working Well: Why Mediation and Exercise Inspire Joy and Health in the Workplace
  • Honoring the Off Switch: How Disconnecting Encourages Productivity and Inner Peace
  • Adventurer, Explorer, Workplace Wanderer: The Research Behind the Benefits of Getting Outdoors 

For details and availability...

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