Thank you for your interest in my work. I’m passionate about speaking and facilitating discussion with groups of all sizes, in venues large and small. Look below for a few of the topics I speak to and how you can reach me for details

  • Determined to Thrive: Discovering Joy and Health Through Intention, Meditation and Prayer
  • Strategic Faith: A Case for the Connection Between Science and Spirituality
  • Room at the Table: A Talk About Self Care, Spirituality and the Importance of Taking Up Space 
  • A Reasonable Way: Connecting the Dots Between the Teachings of Christ and Research on Joy, Contentment and Health
  • A Call to Compassion: How Kindness and Generosity Heal Body and Soul 
  • Leave Room for Listening: Hearing God’s Call in a Chaotic World
  • Working Well: Why Mediation and Exercise Inspire Joy and Health in the Workplace
  • Honoring the Off Switch: How Disconnecting Encourages Productivity and Inner Peace
  • Adventurer, Explorer, Workplace Wanderer: The Research Behind the Benefits of Getting Outdoors 

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If you’re feeling empty, lost or unsettled, make room in your schedule. Create space to hear the longing of your heart. . Love, Natalie



I mess up on the regular. And what I’ve learned about messing up is this: If I take the guilt or shame I feel about a mistake and try to stuff it, or if I quickly acknowledge the mistake but then try to go about life as usual, the same mistake will repeat itself. . There’s something about avoiding mistakes that gives them the fuel they need to show up again and again. . If instead we claim our messes, sit with them and get curious about them... If we turn them over and over and offer the attention they’re seeking, I think we’re more likely to heal the wound in ourselves that inspired us to make the mistake in the first place. . We can ask, “Why did I respond or act that way? What need was I trying to fill? What defense mechanism was triggered? What do I feel like I am lacking that led me to be critical or quick to judge? To say that hurtful thing? To act without thinking? To treat my body in that way?” . I am 100% convinced that our mistakes come from either something we don’t understand, a hurt we’re trying to protect ourselves from, or void we are trying to fill. If we want to find healthy ways to broaden our understanding and heal, we have to get curious about the unhealthy ways we show up . . So let’s do that. Let’s set aside shame and guilt and get curious. . And let’s forgive ourselves for being human and ask for forgiveness from those we hurt. Let us create space for grace, for evolution. . After all, we believe in a gracious God, and in grace there is room for growth. . Love, Natalie



And you don’t have to apologize for #becoming. You are worthy of being well with your soul.



We may not always listen to her or act on her behalf, but she is there, within us. Ready when we are willing. . Love, Natalie . . . . Ps. For those familiar with this verse, yes, I changed the pronouns of The Spirit of Truth. And yes, I’m comfortable with that. 💙🙏