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I’ve never been able to say with words why a half-hearted “sorry” is so painful. This quote explains it beautifully.



This weekend may you choose waves that make you feel light and free. . Happy Friday. . Love, Natalie



Sometimes I get stuck in figuring the next right step. In attempt to avoid pain, failure, or discomfort I try to predict every possible outcome of a single action taken in any one direction. I steel myself for the path that lies ahead. . This is of course an unreasonable approach, because there is no path ahead. Paths do not unfold while we are frozen in the process, holding our breath for certainty, waiting to feel brave. “The path is made by walking.” One foot in front of the other —valiant, heart exposed, scared but willing. . Onward we go. . Love, Natalie



It’s natural to look at injustice and despise the people who fuel it, and it’s natural to feel angry. But in order to find peace, we can’t stop there. Anger and resentment are not components of peace. . Instead we have to process through those emotions and get to the root cause of injustice. We have to ask why. Why do warlords rape and pillage villages? Why are people racists? Why are there mass shootings? And if the answer to our question is angry and bitter, we have to ask a deeper question still. . Why do warlords rape and pillage villages? Because they are evil. (Not far enough.) Why are they evil? Because they are power hungry. (Not far enough.) Why are they power hungry? Because as children they were manipulated into believing that this was their right? (Getting there.) Why did they allow themselves to be manipulated? Because they were starving and the war lords that taught them also fed them and offered to feed their families. (Oh.) And why were they and their families starving? Because we live in a world that prioritizes other things over feeding its people. (Oh.) What is it like to be a child and hungry? What is it like to accept a gun and offer up your allegiance to people who promise to feed your starving family if you follow them? What is it like to look out at a world where people have closets full of clothes and fresh water and many have more money than they know what to do with and you have nothing? I can’t even begin to imagine. . And now we’re not angry. Instead our hearts are broken, not only for the injustice a man caused a village but for the injustice suffered by the man who was once a young boy living in a world that didn’t love him enough to feed him. . Now we have compassion. From here we can forgive. From forgiveness we find peace within. And from that peace within, we can share peace with the world. . #peaceweek #startwithin . Love, Natalie