About A Reasonable Way


In 2017, amid global tension, political division, and climbing national rates on consumer debt, drug addiction, suicide, and depression, I created A Reasonable Way. Its purpose is to research and develop content, create an online presence, and publicly present materials that encourage a reasonable path forward. The goal is to build knowledge, inform behavior, and inspire heart in a way that encourages hopeful, healthful, productive lives grounded in both logic and meaning.


This year I’m writing and speaking about the teachings and practices of Jesus, where they fit in modern culture, and how they align with research on health, contentment, and joy. Whether you are Christian, nonreligious, or other-religious, I think you’ll find the material interesting, inspiring, and valuable. Keep scrolling to find out where you can follow A Reasonable Way on social media and how you can get the weekly blog/newsletter in your inbox. If you’d like to book a speaking engagement, email natsanders@areasonableway for more info.


I look forward to sharing this project with you.

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